5 tricks to get the most out of WhatsApp this Christmas

The keys so that you can squeeze WhatsApp to the fullest during these holidays

It’s been eleven years since WhatsApp is here to stay. This messaging application, which already has more than 2 billion users, revolutionized the way we communicate. Its interface makes it accessible and very easy to use, although it requires knowing some tricks to get the most out of it.


Given the restrictions imposed on family gatherings at Christmas, this year more than ever technology can bring people closer, even if they are miles apart. On dates like these, a written greeting or a Christmas image falls short.

In WhatsApp, to record an audio congratulating the rest of the family, the few who have been able to get together, you no longer need to press your finger on the microphone-shaped icon located at the bottom right. Activate the hands-free function by pressing and dragging up until a lock appears.

Now you can continue recording the message without having to press or with the mobile in your hands. To send the message, press the send button located at the bottom right. They can also cancel sending and recording by clicking Cancel in the conversation window, written in red.


Although it is telematically, Christmas is being with the family. Although there are countless applications for making video calls with more than two members, their use can sometimes be difficult for people who are not very familiar with the technology.

WhatsApp allows video calls of up to 50 people, although it requires the Messenger application to be installed. When installed, enter the chat of one of the people you want to have for the video call, press the clip-shaped icon at the bottom and press Room and Create Room. Then press Send link by WhatsApp so that other people can join this room that you just created.


It’s Christmas and no one wants work affairs to haunt them even on Christmas Eve like the ghost of Christmas past. Although the correct thing to do is to respect the rest and release periods, it may happen that a WhatsApp from work arrives and you avoid entering the application so that your last connection time is not updated and you have to give an explanation.

To hide this snitch, enter WhatsApp Settings (by pressing the three dots in the upper right), press Account, Privacy and Last time. Select who can see it, Everyone, Contacts or Nobody.

You can do the exact same thing with the double blue check that would confirm that you read that message about the job. To deactivate this function, go to Settings, Account, Privacy and uncheck Read receipts.


At this point in December, they will surely have added you to groups of company dinners, former students or acquaintances you don’t even remember. To avoid being added to groups without your permission, go to Settings, Account, Privacy, Groups and select the My contacts option, except. In the contacts menu that will open, select all by marking the upper right icon in the form of a list with a check.

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