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Advantages and differences between custom web design and WordPress

Do you need a website for your business or project? There are two options for creating a web project: make a custom web design or a web design in WordPress. In order to make a decision about which of these options is the best in our case, we are going to analyze what these two types of designs can contribute to our web project.

Here we go!

Advantages and limitations of WordPress
The advantages of WordPress can be summarized in: low cost and implementation time, as well as easy implementation of the web (you do not need to understand programming to create and maintain your website).

Even so, WordPress also has great clear disadvantages that can turn the creation and maintenance of a web project into our worst nightmare. Let’s review the main ones:

The most important disadvantage of the tool is the design and customization of the project. For creative entrepreneurs wanting to offer a new version and surprise their users, WordPress is not enough. Although there are many templates available, in the end, one is always trapped by the limitations of the chosen template.

On the other hand, the tool (mainly due to its low cost) has non-existent technical support. This support is mainly based on a forum platform with questions from users and answers answered by the community.

Although some paid templates do offer technical support for their users, this is usually very basic and slow. We must also bear in mind that when we create a web page through WordPress, the cost of maintenance is not included, and that to solve any problem no matter how small, we will have to hire a paid technical service, which can become more expensive much the total cost of the project in the long run.

Advantages of custom web design
Total customization of the project. The great disadvantage of CMS designs is, in fact, the main reason why many decide to switch to custom design. And is that when we make a website from scratch, we can let our imagination fly and offer our user a unique experience without having to cut back on the initial idea. You won’t have to limit your imagination!

And although many think that custom web development is synonymous with a static page, when the web page is well done it must allow the client to self-manage content (products, categories or news).

Greater security. Customized websites are less vulnerable to outside hacker attacks since the code is private. In addition, access to the web control panel is different for each client, unlike the web made with WordPress where all use the formula: / wp-admin to access the web backoffice.

Technical customer support. One of the strengths of custom programming is the technical service and maintenance of the website. By creating a custom website, you will have a personalized user guide and a team of professionals at your disposal to help you in the event of any incident.

SEO. When we carry out a custom web project, it can be oriented 100% to SEO. From customizing the headers of your pages, to correcting SEO problems en masse, custom programming puts a total twist on your SEO strategy to offer you good organic results from the first moment.

Responsive design. To this day, and since the Mobile First Index update came out, it is essential that your website has a good responsive design. Custom websites are in charge of perfectly meeting all Google requirements in this regard.

The main disadvantages of custom web designs, compared to other CMS, are the time and money that must be invested. However, if we take into account the high cost of WordPress website maintenance, we can say that creating a custom website is much more profitable in the long term, economically speaking, than a website made with CMS.

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