Advantages of writing SEO articles in several languages

The appearance in search portals on the internet is a resource highly sought after by companies. It is a relatively easy way to get more customers. For example, a physical store can gain more online presence so that customers come to your store to buy products. In this sense, the SEO strategy can be focused towards a local positioning. Interestingly, this concept has been greatly enhanced in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can choose to position yourself in different languages. In this sense, a more complex approach should be chosen, which an SEO consultancy should evaluate. However, in this article we will tell you some advantages of writing SEO articles in several languages.

How is SEO article writing in multiple languages?
Companies with an international presence have it a little more complicated when it comes to positioning themselves in Google. They need to secure the top positions in searches in different languages. In this case, the competition is greater, since it multiplies depending on the number of countries in which you want to obtain more visibility. For example, if a multinational wants to position the term “online orange sale” in different countries, it must position that keyword in the different languages ​​spoken in these countries.

In this sense, SEO positioning companies recommend having the business website available in several languages. In this way, they also ensure that the bounce rate does not increase. The main reason is that if a Chinese user enters the web and cannot read it, he will flee after a few seconds without having made any interaction.

Another aspect that SEO consultants recommend is writing SEO articles in various languages. The content of the articles can be the same, since when positioning in different countries Google does not consider it as repeated content. However, the translation of these articles should not be done through automated processes. Although translation engines have improved dramatically since their launch, they do not take into account the global meaning of sentences. That is, they tend to do a word-for-word literal translation and take very few expressions into account. Also, these engines do not take into account that some sentences with a meaning are translated differently. Likewise, translations carried out with automatic processors seriously penalize web pages.

Therefore, for this writing of SEO articles, an SEO consultancy that has the ability to faithfully generate this type of content is recommended. For this you can count on the figure of an expert translator or the SEO consultant himself will take care of this work.

Thanks to this task of writing SEO articles in different languages ​​and translating the corporate website carefully, the multinational is able to improve its positioning in different countries.

SEO consulting to write articles in several languages
This strategy is very common in multinationals that want to expand their presence in users in different countries. In these cases, results are achieved in a time similar to the positioning of a conventional page. The advantage of this is that in the same period of time, you can get a rise in the positions for many keywords in different countries.

An SEO positioning company, with its team of SEO consultants, is the ideal company to carry out this type of task. As you have seen, it is a task that requires professionals to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. Check our SEO rates to start our SEO consulting today.

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