Artificial intelligence and the future of web design

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications not only make the operation of your website clear and intuitive, but they also allow the online experience to be more complete and personalized. If you want to generate more sales on your website, discover how AI, together with the use of other tools such as smart chatbots, positively influences web design.

In theory, this can help you improve the appearance of your digital space, reinforce its natural positioning, manage and organize your inventory, improve interaction with visitors, offer a personalized user experience and segment the market appropriately through your digital marketing campaigns.

More and more designers and developers are opting for AI-based design practices. As a consequence, this has now become an indispensable part of modern web development.

In this article, we will introduce you to the amazing applications that AI offers to improve the performance, experience and user interface of your website!

Increased Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

The growing field of artificial design intelligence (ADI) has brought about a huge change in the way web pages are designed today. In a traditional environment, the process of designing a user interface is often overwhelming because it requires a lot of creativity to create a unique space.

First, you and your team of designers would have to share your ideas, write them on a whiteboard, and analyze different possibilities and results. This process also requires a great deal of effort and errors are possible.

However, with recent advances in technology, AI has quickly entered the virtual world. It also allows designers to apply it on web pages and provide a better user experience.

Innovators in this field, such as Adobe, Firedrop, Bookmark, Squarespace, Wix, and Tailor Brands are some examples of leading technology companies using it in the design of digital environments.

Better user experience

Artificial intelligence now directs several key aspects of web design and plays an important role in the user experience. With their latest interventions in web design, designers are able to transform the cover of any page into a complete and meaningful experience for consumers.

Furthermore, it has allowed them to create much more attractive, flexible and even more human interfaces! Isn’t that fantastic? Among many of the achievements that AI has made today, the ones that stand out most are its tools.

It has effectively changed modern web design and has quickly established many standard components regarding the interaction between a person and a machine. One of the best examples is the incorporation of chatbots to digital platforms.

We almost always find bots on any site or mobile application. Likewise, with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and complex machine learning procedures, it bridges the gap between human cognition and machine automation.

Better user interface

Similarly, AI-optimized user interfaces are capable of making design decisions on their own. How does it work? The program has to be configured so that it understands the design principles and can observe the current pages of your website.

By combining these two processes, it can imitate independent thinking and create functional and attractive web page designs without human intervention. For example, web development platforms like Wix actively use ADI to manage their user interface design.

Product Recommendations

Artificial intelligence is also capable of generating product recommendations with the aim of influencing purchase decisions. These tools offer suggestions when customers interact with a web page and provide valuable information based on their searches.

The extensions and plugins track the customer’s purchase history and generate recommendations based on related searches. For example, Netflix, the leading provider of online multimedia services, uses AI to manage its suggestions by displaying the results according to the preferences of users and customers with similar profiles.

In case you didn’t know, 80% of Netflix streaming takes place thanks to recommendations generated by AI! Other companies such as Adobe have also started using it in their business processes to help designers perform their functions more efficiently.

We know that technology is constantly evolving. But the immeasurable potential of artificial intelligence to understand the rules of creativity and use them independently in a wide variety of dynamics will soon eclipse traditional web design methods.

As we see, AI will soon allow web pages to offer a more personalized user experience, rather than the same methodology for everyone.

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