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You spend a week without looking at your emails, and when you open the message box, you discover that two-thirds of the messages are from offers from stores that you bought a single thing, or from the website that you had to register to read a single article interesting. Even with all the filters offered by the most popular platforms, such as Gmail and Yahoo, unsolicited messages end up in the middle of those important ones, and the result is a loss of time, productivity, space, money, privacy and even security.

According to the technological company specialized in Internet security software Kaspersky, the share of spam in email traffic in 2020 was 50.37%; Brazil occupies the fifth position in the ranking of major producers of unwanted messages, being responsible for 4.87% of the content identified as such. The most frequent targets of phishing attacks used online store names (18.12%) – and, with the pandemic, the problem worsened, with the increase in internet commerce.

Using a temporary email if you just want to take a look at a website or make a one-time purchase is what can guarantee less unwanted messages. We have separated six cool services for you to try (plus a bonus that will make your life easier). But remember: do not use them to transmit personal data or important information; many expire in a few minutes.

(It is possible to transform your original email account into a temporary address. For Gmail, one of the most popular webmail services, there are numerous tutorials on the web that teach you how to do this. They all work on the messaging script, so we do not advise you to do this).

Check out how easy it is to have a disposable email address:

Use and dispose


Its interface looks like any message box. This service has several attractions: you can create a new temporary address as many times as you need, you can download all the content you receive and, in addition to the online version, you can also download applications for Android and iOS in their respective app stores. .


All messages you receive will be deleted every seven days; the domain may also disappear after a while, but the service notifies you when it will happen a month in advance, to give the user time to create a new domain, if necessary. You can have multiple temporary accounts and install the extension on Chrome.


This service has an interesting differential: it uses some of the filters created by Heluna, a cloud-based anti-spam service, that is, a cleaner mailbox, even if temporary.

10 Minute Mail

The name of this temporary email service already delivers what it does: it provides domains that expire in ten minutes. You can, however, increase this period as many times as you like, simply by resetting the timer. Support in Portuguese.


With a very beautiful interface, MohMal (which in Arabic means “junk e-mail”) is supported in Portuguese and offers email domains that last 45 minutes. The website generates a random address, but you have the option to create one of your choice.

Email On Deck

One of the attractions (and we are not able to use the service to trade cryptocurrencies, as advertised by the developer) is the possibility of recovering the email account, after the user deletes it.

Email On Deck provides a token when you create an account; with it, it is possible to have your temporary email inbox back, inserting the alphanumeric code on the domain recovery page (the site advises that you, first of all, save it somewhere, since there are more than 30 characters). But be warned: it is a solution that must be applied quickly – the site deletes the discarded accounts in less than 24 hours, and without warning.



You love a store or don’t want to stop receiving that newsletter – but the problem is that they send too many messages. If that’s your case, Spamgourmet is the middle ground between domains that last a few minutes and dealing with dozens of messages you receive (from that sender you don’t want to leave) in your official email account.

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