Find an accommodation for our website and not die trying

Today, having a website is essential, especially if we own a business or simply want to start up and host our blog or personal website. At some point we are presented with the great doubt. With so much diversity of accommodations, which one do I decide for?

As things are, the logical thing is to try to get a hosting, this is how the space dedicated to hosting a website is technically called, of quality at the best price. If we also lack the technical knowledge we will need a problem and we will need the hosting provider to offer a minimum of support to help us with the problems that arise.

Now is the time to get into investigator mode. It is then that we find that all the hosting providers tell us that they are the best and the cheapest. Who do we trust, what do we do? Of course, the logical thing would be to test our meats how they work and thus be able to make an informed choice. But I doubt that we have the time and the will to undertake such work and that we will complete it with some success.

First we have to be aware of our technical knowledge not only to host the web, but also to maintain it. Only then will we be clear about our needs. We can be pigeonholed into three levels of, let’s call it webmasters. The layman or basic, advanced and lastly the professional webmaster.

Now we have to know the possibilities that exist in the market and thus be able to choose the one that best suits our needs.

We have to start from the fact that all hosting depends on a server. A server is nothing more than a computer adapted and optimized to serve web pages on the internet and which is normally in turn installed in a place called a datacenter. These facilities have special characteristics, such as uninterrupted power supply systems, special fire protection, high symmetric data bandwidth, and high security against fire and theft, since they usually host a large number of servers with data that some can be very important.

All that said, they are factors that make an accommodation or place that works as a web provider have more or less quality. A good advice to follow is that quality is not given away. Nor do we mean that we cannot find inexpensive suppliers with a minimum of quality.

We already have something more clear that it is technically a hosting and that the more they spend on infrastructure, the better quality they will offer and hence the justification of what these services cost.

From here, any self-respecting provider offers its services divided into types of products in order to adapt to the needs of each client.

Shared web hosting

On the one hand there is the typical shared accommodation. Later we will give you some advice so that you can try a provider. It is the most normal and well-known way to host a website and the most economical. What do they do to make web hosting cheaper? Very simple. Share a server between multiple clients. For lay webmasters, the basic ones and some advanced ones can be more than enough this hosting system.

Shared hosting is not what it used to be. Today it has advanced enough to provide us with all the tools we need for our website, be it an HTML page or a CMS as fashionable as WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop. What we do have to be clear about is where we host it.

We have to think that, very cheap prices means many clients and it could be, that if the provider has no scruples, instead of thinking about quality, think only about monetary performance, so we find ourselves with overloaded servers and an overloaded server will result in problems on our website. It is not difficult to detect this, but it usually happens that when we realize it, it is too late, because we are suffering with inaccessible or very slow pages.

As for technical support in this type of hosting, since the servers are from the provider, it is assumed that you are obliged to manage and maintain it, so, unless you have a big problem, it will always be working optimally, In addition to having important protection systems against attacks and data backup. A factor that denotes a certain quality is that even if it is shared, certain personalized settings can be adapted for our specific case.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Another type of accommodation that we have widely available lately, especially if our website needs specific resources and we want to guarantee that they are always available to us, is the VPS or Virtual Private Server. In this case, it is about dividing a server into smaller ones, which is why the virtual one. The user accesses his space as if it were a server since he has his operating system and resources.

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