Google cancels April 1 pranks for the second year in a row

Google canceled the April 1 pranks for the second consecutive year. The company evaluated that, in the face of the pandemic, the moment is not yet propitious for pranks.

The company’s vice president of marketing, Marvin Chow, sent an email to employees asking that the pranks not happen again this year, according to the “Business Insider” website. The message was confirmed to G1 by the company’s advisory.

“In 2020, we made the decision to pause our tradition of celebrating April 1 on Google out of respect for everyone who is fighting Covid-19. With a large part of the world still facing serious challenges, let’s pause again. the games of April 1 in 2021 “, said the executive.

In other years, Google had already made jokes about how to implement a translator for animals in the translation tool or “photobomb” with celebrities.

In 2016 a button that sent a GIF of a Minion (from the movie Despicable Me) dropping a microphone was included next to the “send” button in Gmail.

The joke caused confusion and generated criticism from users who did not notice the change – many people ended up sending the GIF in professional conversations.

Google cancels April 1 pranks for the second year in a row

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