How to increase your sales with Dynamic Remarketing

In an era in which we are constantly bombarded by advertisements, making our message as personalized and close to the client’s interests has become indispensable.

Surely you have ever found yourself browsing the internet and have recognized how that product that caught your attention a few weeks ago, be it a dress or a hotel room, it begins to appear repeatedly as you browse the internet.

This is not a mere coincidence, but one of the most complex and fascinating functionalities that we can find in the world of digital marketing, Dynamic Remarketing.

What is Dynamic Remarketing?

Through Dynamic Remarketing we can display personalized image ads on different web pages, depending on how a customer has interacted with your products or services.

Suppose you are an online store, one of your visitors has added a specific product to the cart or visited a product on your website. Through standard remarketing we could harvest your data and impact that user with a generic ad. However, this method does not always allow us to impact the user with the product that has aroused her interest, which translates into a large percentage of the wasted budget.

Dynamic remarketing takes this one step further, allowing us to show you not only the specific product with a personalized image, link and prices, but also similar products on your own website that may interest you.

Carrying this out requires, however, a long and (for those unfamiliar with programming tasks), complex process, through which we implement a data layer on the web to collect the values ​​belonging to the product, which are associated with a data feed in which all the information that you want to show in your ads is stored.

Who can benefit from this?

Virtually all advertisers offering a variety of products or services are likely to benefit from this strategy. The only difference lies in the mandatory values ​​that you will need to collect on your website.

Some of the segments where this type of practice is more common are:


Hotel Companies and Real Estate Rental

Real Estate Agencies

Travel websites

Employment Portals


How can Dynamic Remarketing benefit you?

We find some of the benefits that this practice can bring you compared to standard remarketing.

A higher CTR (ratio between the number of clicks and the impressions of your ad)

A better conversion rate

Budget optimization

Among the many companies that have improved their results through this strategy is “Trendyol”, whose ROI has increased by 70% since they implemented Dynamic Remarketing in their Display campaigns. Your success story has been echoed by Google in this article.

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