Instagram will avoid promoting Reels taken from TikTok

The social network does not want its users to post recycled TikTok videos.

To promote that its users upload short videos created on its own platform, Instagram will stop recommending Reels with logos from other applications, such as TikTok.

The social network published several new guidelines for its users to get the best possible results with their short videos. These tips, published on the creators account of Instagram, suggested to the ‘instagrammers’ that they record in vertical format when making videos, that they use the application’s own sound library and tools that filters and camera effects.

The post also noted that users should not upload clips with low-resolution or visibly recycled content from other apps with visible logos and watermarks.

The publication of the official account for Instagram creators that advises what can be done so that the Reels are recommended by the application.

Instagram launched the Reels feature internationally in August of last year. While the company did not penalize uploading videos from other apps at the time when creators were testing the new platform, it would now be taking drastic measures not to promote its direct competition: TikTok.

Videos that do not follow these guidelines would not be recommended through the Reels tab, but would remain visible through the followers’ feed and the account profile.

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