Keys to a successful logo design

There are a number of preliminary questions before starting with logo design, which are at least the following:

What is your target?
Where will the logo be displayed?
What message do you want to convey?
The answer to these 3 previous questions will help you focus your logo design. Once you have this framework, we recommend that you follow the following guidelines:

A logo must be practical to be used on all types of media and supports.

When we create a logo we must think about the type of applications it will have (web, APP, cards and corporate material, paper publications, etc.). You must bear in mind that not all logos are easily adaptable to all media, and it could generate problems for you in the future. In our case, for example, our logo designers create them with their application for web pages in mind, which is what we mainly do, but we also conceive them to be versatile.

A logo focused on the brand’s target market

It is essential to take into account the profile of the target audience of the brand: companies / end consumer, sector, age, gender, etc.

Logos that last over time

The main characteristics of a logo must be enduring over time. That forces us to think in classic and modern designs at the same time, so that with small tweaks the essence of the logo can last for decades … or forever.

A logo must have something identifying, which is remembered

This is the most complicated part, and more today than with the evolution and democratization of design, it seems that everything is invented, and we observe how most logos are copies of others. We must make an effort to find that color, that texture, or that figure that immediately catches the attention of those who look at it and remain fixed on their retina.

Reflect the values ​​of the company

Companies have always had distinctive features, but today they must also have values. They are those intangibles that position the brand in the market with respect to the competition. If our brand stands out for its cutting-edge technology, for the use of natural products, or for artisan production, these values ​​must be reflected in the essence of the logo.

These are, in our opinion, the key elements to achieve a successful logo design. These are issues that we take into account to develop all our logos, such as that of the Forti Seguridad safes company. For this client we have designed a logo with a three-dimensional icon, where a point that symbolizes valuable content appears in the center, which is protected and stored safely in a Forti safe. This icon is designed in blues that convey confidence and refer to the technological innovation that the company incorporates, and is accompanied by the commercial name of the company, FORTI, which appears in capital letters, with a white that stands out against the dark blue background, and in bold type, which conveys the toughness and security that are the company’s values.

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