On Trans Visibility Day, Google launches page with evolution of searches on the topic

Material shows that Brazil was one of the countries that most sought transphobia in the last 12 months.

On Friday (29), Google launched, on the Day of Trans Visibility, a page that shows search trends related to the subject. The material also includes some of the most searched terms since the date it was instituted, in 2004.

According to the company, Brazil was one of the countries that most sought transphobia in the last 12 months, alongside the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and the United States.

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The page shows that searches for terms such as “cisgenerity”, “genderqueer”, “Gender identity” and “binary gender” have also become more recurrent since 2015.

Searches related to social name and reassignment appear among the most searched terms in recent years in queries related to rights relevant to the trans movement.

Ranking by themes
The company listed popular searches on some issues relevant to the trans community.

Between January 2020 and January 2021, for example, the top 5 searches for “social name” were:

What is the social name?

How to use the social name at school?
How does Enem’s social name work?
How does the social name in public agencies work?
Is it acceptable to use the social name in the identity?
Google also separated which were the most searched terms associated with the phrase “first / trans”, since 2004:

First trans model
First Brazilian transsexual
First trans miss
First trans man
First trans elected
First Brazilian transsexual
First trans commissioner
First transsexual mother
First trans doctor
First transsexual woman
In addition to a list of the most sought after Brazilian trans personalities in Brazil since 2004:

Thammy Miranda
Laerte Coutinho
Roberta Close
Leo Áquilla
Lea T
Ariadna Arantes
Luisa Marilac

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