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Opportunities and challenges of industrial digitization

Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of a very diverse sector, however, there is still much to do. Redes & Telecom has organized a virtual breakfast with clients, in collaboration with Cisco and Ikusi, to analyze in depth a process that is already in production.
Digitization in the industrial sector is already a fact. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a process that has been working for a few years, but has not yet started. Although today this transformation is in production, the machinery sometimes “stalls” due to cultural issues and lack of coordination. We are facing a very diverse sector with particular requirements depending on the field of action we are talking about. However, whether they are companies that manufacture medicines, plastics or construction materials, they are immersed in technological reconversion projects through automation, sensorization or updating their communications.

Redes & Telecom, in collaboration with Cisco and Ikusi, has organized a virtual breakfast with clients to discover the opportunities and challenges that this segment faces in its digital transformation. Representatives from ACR Grupo, Domtar Personal Care, Ecolab Hispano Portuguesa, Grupo Inalsa, Grupo Indukern, Grupo Maier, Grupo Plásticos Ferro, Laboratorios Syva, Prodiel and Spagnolo Moda attended the event.

During the meeting, the attendees stressed that digitization is underway, that it improves time to market and efficiency, but that they encounter barriers along the way. Like the mentality reset that it implies. Or having to convince senior management of the importance of investing in technology by providing evidence of it, that is, with “quantifiable” metrics or results that support this return on investment. To all this must be added the difficulties of matching IT and OT, engineering and operations, two departments that have to go hand in hand and in good harmony for the business to flow.

In relation to these obstacles, great challenges are imposed such as cybersecurity -which has demonstrated its total transversality and the imperative need to resort to segmentation policies-, and data analytics as a determining factor to take advantage of the advances made.

The conclusions of this debate will be available shortly.

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