So you can drastically save battery on your iPhone

Battery life remains the eternal workhorse for those who occupy their smartphone a lot.

It is always good to have a little battery to spare in our cell phone, even more so if it is an indispensable tool in our daily life through studies, work or current life, which forces us to be in contact with our relatives and acquaintances by middle of technology.

Traditionally the performance of the iPhone has been very good. There are many myths around the advice that roam the web, some of them discarded mainly by Apple, such as forcing the closure of applications or deactivating Wi-Fi or Bluetooh.

However, there is a trick that few know that will have an impact on the battery life of your iPhone.

In other words, when you open Google Maps or the weather application, they need to know your location to offer corresponding information. But in addition to those there are many other applications that track our position to be able to operate or offer advanced functions to the user.

“If you turn off location services, you’ll see a drastic impact on the iPhone’s battery,” explains Eric Florence, an analyst at Security Tech.

Cut to the chase with any location that is not actively requested by the user, such as the GPS navigator or querying the weather forecast.

To deactivate this location go to

Settings / Privacy / Location and disable location completely, or do it one by one. One of the advantages of iOS is that it is very transparent in this regard and the user will know which applications and under what circumstances they are mapping our location. Also, if you see a triangle right next to the application, it means that it is currently consulting your location.

However, that is not the only way to save battery on your iPhone, we will tell you another that can help you in times of trouble.

Apple, the smartphone manufacturer itself, is aware of the necessary function regarding battery saving. That is why it optimized its use and also in a very easy way.

Locate the settings on your iPhone and activate the “low power” mode, just by pressing a button.

In theory it is not necessary since iOS already activates it by default when your iPhone’s battery drops below 20% of its capacity, and you will find out that this mode has been activated because the upper icon turns yellow and the screen is dimmer. .

Achieving those extra and necessary hours on your device is more than possible from today.

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