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Soccer via ‘streaming’: what are the options in Ecuador for fans who do not stick to a cable service?

In Ecuador some ‘streaming’ services are available to watch national and international soccer.

In recent years, streaming services have totally changed the way entertainment is consumed, with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus being the most popular platforms for watching the best series or movies on digital devices.

The same thing happens in the world of sports. Many fans want to be able to watch, no matter where they are, the game of their favorite team through their cell phone, tablet or computer. In Ecuador, services are also available that allow watching soccer on devices with an Internet connection.

Here is a list of the options available in Ecuador to watch soccer on devices with an Internet connection:

GolTV Play

GolTV Play is the streaming service offered by the GolTV sports channel. This channel broadcasts exclusively the two main categories of the Ecuadorian soccer championship: LigaPro Ecuador Serie A and Serie B.

Likewise, in Ecuador, this service offers to see all the daily programming of the channel, so you can also watch matches of the Peruvian, Uruguayan, Portuguese and Russian championships, as well as the French, Brazilian or Dutch Cup, when these matches they are broadcast live or delayed. When hired abroad, only LigaPro games can be seen live.

The GolTV Play plan costs $ 9.99 per month, but it also offers one-time payment plans of $ 54.99 to contract the service for 6 months and $ 99.99 to purchase the plan for a whole year. It has applications on Android and iOS operating systems. You can view content on one device at a time.

The Soccer Channel

The Soccer Channel (ECDF) is a sports channel that has the exclusive rights to broadcast the matches of the Ecuadorian soccer team. Through ECDF you can see the friendly matches and official matches (South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and 2021 Copa América) of La Tri.

It also has the broadcasting rights for the Ecuador Cup, the Argentine Cup and the Bundesliga.

Your digital subscription works through YouTube and costs $ 6.99 monthly.

DirecTV Go

DirecTV Go is the streaming service offered by DirecTV cable operator. According to its website, this digital subscription has more than 80 live channels, including ESPN Fox Sports and DirecTV Sports.

Various competitions are broadcast on these channels, such as the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Europa League, Copa Sudamericana, Spanish League, Serie A (Italy), Ligue 1, Premier League, European qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the Ecuadorian Women’s Super League.

DirecTV Go has a cost of $ 23.00. It has applications on Android and iOS operating systems. View content on two devices at the same time.


Xtrim is the streaming service offered by the cable operator TVCable. This subscription offers 70 national and international channels, among which are ESPN and Fox Sports.

The Spanish League, the Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the European qualifiers and the Copa Libertadores are broadcast on these channels.

It is priced at $ 17.50 a month. For an additional $ 4.66 you can incorporate the programming of El Canal del Fútbol. It has applications on Android and iOS operating systems and allows simultaneous connection on two devices.

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