The importance of web hosting or hosting in the company

The website of a company differs a lot from personal or thematic websites since it usually has different objectives, different traffic flow and volume of interactions. It is not the same to hire a hosting to host a forum, an online store with thousands of products or for a thematic blog. Therefore, when choosing a hosting to host a corporate or business website, it is important to take into account the services we need for the optimal functioning of it.

The evaluation of hosting for web hosting in the company must be carried out from the study of the needs and objectives that it must meet and the quality of services that are contracted will depend on a series of objective criteria.

Server loading speed and stability

The business web must load quickly, both on computers and mobile devices. When a client accesses the website of a company, they should not wait for loading times as it could cause them to go to the competition. In addition, the loading time of a website is currently a determining factor for web positioning and a slow loading of the company’s website can cause it to be penalized by losing positions in search engines (the lower the website is in the results of search, the less visibility you will have).

The hosting must be stable and offer web visibility almost 100% of the time. A company cannot allow a client or potential client to visit its website and it is not online, since it can cause the loss of that client and a drop in corporate image.

Traffic and storage capacity

A corporate website must be prepared to withstand a large amount of web traffic and peak visits (which can occur in special events, promotions, advertisements, etc.). A website that collapses due to traffic can do a lot of damage to the company in terms of image and even economic losses (if it is an online sales event).

Safety and technical service

Security against possible hacker attacks and the inclusion of periodic backups are two very important aspects when choosing a web hosting company. In addition, a quality customer service with long hours is necessary to solve any incident, problem or doubt in the shortest possible time. A property that provides 24/7 customer service would be optimal for a business plan.

Other important aspects when choosing the ideal server for a web host are: storage capacity, use of the latest web technologies and inclusion of commercial applications (Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce…).

The economic aspect when hiring a hosting for a company should not be above those previously mentioned in this post. Choosing a company web host based on the lowest price alone has caused many web projects to fail or stagnate.

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