The trick to never forget a password again

The most elementary computer security standards say that we have to have a different password for everything. In practice, this means having to remember more than 20 different passwords and knowing which service each of them corresponds to.

Cybersecurity experts tell us that we should never repeat passwords. This is a precautionary measure that seeks to avoid a domino effect in the event of a password hacking or leakage. In this way, if there is a leak or a security failure in any website, app or service, the fact that the password is exposed will only affect a specific site and the threat can be stopped quickly and safely.

The bad part of all this is that a person needs to have as many passwords as there are websites on which they are subscribed or have an account. A complicated situation before which many people resort to password managers.

In this sense, one of the services most appreciated by users is the password manager of the Dropbox cloud storage service. So far a paid service (Dropbox Paswords) that will become free in April.

password manager

It is a password manager (intuitive and easy to use) that allows you to create different passwords by means of zero-knowledge encryption. In other words, it is guaranteed that these passwords are only known to the user.

In this way, users will be able to keep safe up to 50 passwords for 50 different sites that will be synchronized automatically and which can be accessed from up to three different devices.

In addition, the solution that incorporates the Dropbox password manager includes the possibility of safely sharing one of our passwords (to leave our Netflix or HBO account with a friend or family member, for example) safely.

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