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The University of Granada reaches 100 Gbps

The Melilla Campus has achieved this speed over a RedIRIS-NOVA 100 fiber optic network, multiplying by 10 its capacity for teaching, research and administration services.
The Melilla Campus of the University of Granada (UGR) has multiplied its network speed by 10, reaching 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps). The 100G Granada-Melilla link is the first to be implemented end-to-end in Spain over the RedIRIS-Nova 100 fiber optic network, which will complete its nationwide deployment in August. Compared to a home network, the upgrade would mean a connection approximately 1,000 times faster than the previous one.

The 100G Granada-Melilla link is the first to be implemented in Spain end-to-end over the RedIRIS-Nova 100 fiber optic network
The UGR has one of the most advanced fiber optic networks in the world for its telematic services. The improvement responds to the University’s commitment to equip its Campuses with the highest possible capacity and speed to optimize teaching, research and administration activities, starting with Melilla and gradually spreading to the rest.

Established in the 16th century, the University of Granada is the third in Spain by size with about 85,000 users among students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff. Cisco solutions have helped you put your networks at the forefront of innovation, embracing speed, capacity, mobility, and security improvements at various stages.

Unified network
With more than 80 buildings spread over seven campuses (five in Granada, one in Ceuta and one in Melilla), the UGR trusted Cisco in 2018 to unify all its headquarters and facilities through the same Network -RedUGRNova-, creating a campus Virtual one to connect students with virtual classes and educational resources inside and outside the classroom.

The institution has again selected Cisco solutions -switches Catalyst 9500, security through Cisco ASA and AnyConnect, and Cisco Prime as a management platform evolving to Cisco DNA Center- to make the leap to 100 Gigabits per second in the Melilla campus and the rest of the venues. Axians has been the partner of the manufacturer in charge of the implementation, in collaboration with the Center for Computing Services and Communications Networks of the University of Granada (CSIRC)

The network allows the University to rapidly process large amounts of data and support the exponential growth of applications with high bandwidth consumption, such as high definition videoconferencing, cloud services, voice over IP, e-learning, digital library, television by Internet (UGR Media) or storage in SAN networks. Students and researchers will also be able to advance in innovative technological projects such as AI / ML, Big Data, Blockchain or Internet of Things (IoT).

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