The website is key to the image of SMEs

For the construction of a brand and the corporate identity of a company there are many factors that influence: there are offline elements, such as the logo or the values ​​of the company, as well as the digital dissemination mechanisms. As is normal, for most small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) the image that their brand generates among consumers is important. In fact, according to the latest study by 99designs, 87% of surveyed small entrepreneurs acknowledge that positive customer perceptions of their brands are important to them.

Despite this perception, many SMEs focus their efforts on certain brand building elements, leaving aside others that are also of great importance in generating the company’s image. And in this context, web pages are the element that SMEs consider the most important when building their brands, since they represent their most important and most visited letter of introduction. For this reason it is important that the web pages of SMEs are of quality and are kept updated.


Even so, it is striking that 76% of respondents maintain that through a well-developed website they attract better customers, but in turn many of these companies do not have a website, or have an outdated or low quality in terms of content, technology or design. It is possible that this distortion is due to something more structural: in the study, many entrepreneurs admit that their SMEs dedicate little time to work to start up their brands when starting their activity. Only a quarter of businesses say they spend a lot of time on elements such as the logo or generic brand construction.

In short, to position your brand in the market and consolidate it and make it grow among your potential audience, it is important that you dedicate time and resources to building the brand: who we are, what differentiates us, who we are addressing, how we want to communicate with this audience, and so on. And in this context, presenting a web page with a well-studied and applied design for your audience and in accordance with current and market trends, as well as a web technology adapted to utility needs and that is Google friendly, is essential for the future of SMEs, but it is also a matter of the present.

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