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Web design. How the user reads

For web design, websites with great text content are a problem for the user to capture the information that we want to transmit. To find out if a web design contains too much text, there is a little trick.

The web designer must settle into his chair and with narrowed eyes must leaf through the page.

By inspecting the web design in this way, you will get the same results as any new user to your website. The reason?Simple, users do not read, they browse. So can you find the information easily?

Click where you want ?. In case the answer is negative, the web design must be improved. The web content must be made more visible and, that does not mean increasing the typography but writing and, probably, reducing the content.

If you want to take the test further, you will need to take a web design test with users. Put a third person in front of the web design and give them no more than ten seconds to find specific information.

If the user taking the test finds it, she can conclude that she has developed a good web design in terms of textual content. If not, rethink your web design.

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