WhatsApp, know the name with which your contacts save you

There is a trick to know the name with which your contacts saved you on WhatsApp. The instant messaging app has several tricks. One of them lets you know the name with which your friends saved you in their cell phone contacts.

This method works on any device be it Android or iPhone. Users need to follow the steps below.

Enter the WhatsApp conversation with the contact of your choice.

Ask that person to share your number with you, but not by writing it, but through the application.

To do this, you must enter your contact list and send your number.

Later, a message will appear in the conversation that will reveal the name with which this person decided to save you in their phone book.

There are no other methods, in the Play Store, the Android application store, there are several applications that allow you to know information about your WhatsApp contacts. However, these apps are fake and only have advertising.

Other tricks of the app

Bold, italic, and underline

The application allows you to bold, italicize and underline your text messages. This feature is available to all WhatsApp users.

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