5 apps and web pages with recipes to cook at home

Technology offers several alternatives for those who want to cook at home but have no idea what to prepare or want to try new dishes. The closure, due to the coronavirus pandemic, accelerated the searches for recipes for home cooking.

In Ecuador there are more than a million monthly searches for recipes on the Internet, according to Susana De Freitas, vice president of Culinary at Nestlé Ecuador. That company reorganized its recipe website as a result of the changes in habits that occurred due to the pandemic.

On the Internet there are applications and web pages that offer various options, free and paid. Some even offer chef training and talks, as well as advice for micro-businesses.

Free homemade recipes (Cookpad)

Recipes prepared at home and shared in the community is what this free application offers. You can search based on the ingredients in the kitchen. On Android it has more than 250,000 downloads and the App Store also has versions in other languages, such as English and Italian.


With more than 130,000 downloads on Android, this English-language app, developed by BuzzFeed, offers more than 3,000 recipes that can be classified by ingredients and countries of the world. By logging in, they can be saved in a kind of personal recipe book. It has a function that keeps the device on while the preparation instructions are displayed. It can be configured for vegetarian diets. Also available on the App Store.

Plant Jammer

This application specializes in recipes with vegetables and also allows the preparation of a shopping list. It has more than 200,000 users. “You can stop wasting food by using what you have at home. In addition, you can use local seasonal vegetables, which reduces the consumption of meat ”, it stands out in its description. Available on Android and App Store.


It has more than 12,000 recipes in its database. In your community you can share your own dishes, which will be valued by other users. This application, available on Android and the App Store, offers options for dishes and cocktails.

Nestlé recipes

On this website there are hundreds of recipes, made with nutritional content, classified for various types of dishes and drinks, including vegetarian food. In addition, thematic content for celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. Chef talks and tips for food ventures are also offered.

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