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How to apply color in web design

The use of colors in web design is closely linked to the product or service that you want to sell or communicate. Depending on the type of product, we will apply one dominant color or another in the web design. Below we detail a color guide and what kind of emotions they generate in the consumer.
Red color: it is a color that conveys action, energy, urgency and passion. As a dynamic and emotional color, it is recommended for use in web design for impulse purchase products and to convey warnings.

Blue color: generates trust, loyalty and transmits security. It is ideal for use in web design for products that want to convey a sense of cleanliness or confidence. It would be ideal for example for a law firm.

Yellow color: in a web design it generates attention although its use must be dosed, it is ideal for youth products.

Green color: ideal for web design of healthy and ecological products. It is ideal for food or medical products.

Pink colour. It is a difficult color to apply in web design as it evokes romanticism and femininity and can easily lead to excessively dated tones. Ideal for young consumers and cosmetics.

Brown color. In web design it evokes severe, mature and rustic sensations. It would be ideal for a law firm looking to sell experience.

Gray. It evokes sadness and indecision, so its use in web design is limited to its combination with other colors.

Orange Color: Like red, it is a dynamic and creative color that propels action. It is an ideal color for certain technological and creative products. Hence, for example, our web design company uses it in its corporate image.

Black color. Provides feelings of elegance, aggressiveness and dignity. It is often used in the web design of luxury products such as watches, electronics or jewelry.

White color: The base color par excellence in web design and the one that is currently the most fashionable in web design since it makes it easier to read. Generates a feeling of purity and serenity. It is simply a color to match.

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