Mobile-friendly web pages will gain visibility on Google

Google is clear that many users use mobile devices to perform searches and that Google must offer them the best possible results and facilitate access, regardless of whether this information is found in apps or web pages.

That is why it is adapting its search algorithms to these new search patterns. This means adapting them to the fact that Internet access through mobile devices has increased exponentially and the trend is to continue in that line. Thus he has announced two decisions of some importance that will begin to be applied as of April 21.

Web pages that are responsive or have a mobile version, that is, that are correctly configured and display correctly on mobile devices will appear higher in Google results. Does this mean that web pages that are not responsive will disappear from the Google search engine? No, but they will be less competitive.

The second decision is that it will index the content of the Apps, which will make those companies that have preferred to create an App instead of a web page gain visibility in Google.

Nobody is unaware of the impact that this decision will have on the online marketing sector, especially as regards SEO positioning. Companies should consider adapting their web pages to be competitive in the medium term on Google. Let’s not forget that in many cases the performance of a business on the Internet depends intrinsically on its good positioning in Google.

Rebound this decision will cause an increase in demand from companies specializing in web design. Especially in those that demonstrate the ability to adapt web pages with non-responsive to responsive designs.

We leave you this link to a Google tool that analyzes your website, telling you whether or not it is adapted to mobile traffic.

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