WhatsApp returns to the fray with the new privacy policies

WhatsApp will once again show its users “in the coming weeks” notifications about its new Conditions and Privacy policy, which it postponed last January, with additional information, before its entry into force as of May 15.

After stopping short by the large number of complaints from its users, WhatsApp returns to the load to update its privacy policies

This has been assured in a statement by the messaging application, owned by Facebook, which has wanted to “clear up any confusion” before the arrival of the new WhatsApp service conditions.

In response to the controversy, WhatsApp has recognized that “it could have communicated this information better”, and therefore will begin to publish “in the coming weeks” a ‘banner’ with additional information on the subject.

“After a while, we will begin to remind users to review and accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp,” the company concluded. These policies will take effect on May 15.

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