The importance of data

Nowadays, it is very easy to collect a large amount of information about the user who visits a website and the actions they perform. There are many tools, whether paid or free, that help measure the results of campaigns and strategies whatever they may be.

So, you ask yourself, where is the problem? What is this article about?

The answer is “the volume of data.” What arises is the problem that we can find when we have a large volume of data, that ease of collecting information can become our main problem that will result in misinformation. If we fail to prioritize this information, we will drown in an infinite sea of ​​data.

Are we pessimistic? So I do not think so.

Any digital marketing strategy is associated with specific objectives, set and agreed with the client. It is very important that you know and understand, and that it gives the appropriate importance to each metric / objective of a campaign. Here our beloved KPI’s (key performance indicator) come into play. Knowing the data of the marketing campaigns, or the data of the site itself, is something fundamental but more important is knowing where to look to draw some conclusions and correct business data. Long live the data!

It is clear that these are all beautiful words with a good intention. But what does all this translate into? what is the process? Here we include it:

  1. What are the business needs?
  2. What do you need? What do you want to achieve?
  3. Define an adequate strategy with objectives based on those needs.
  4. Correctly implement tracking based on those objectives. We must be concise and not “beat around the bush”
  5. Define returns and deadlines for results
  6. Create a CM (dashboard) for data visualization for correct decision-making, whether of management or middle management.

Having said this, in the next post we will detail different examples of what we should measure based on the objectives or types of page / business in which we find ourselves. Examples ?:



Lead generation


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